Dark Genesis – Darkness Overwhelming

In dark times the evil roams the world and there isn’t much left anymore of the former defenders of the realm


Only those that are determined to take a stand

Game concept

Dark Genesis is a fantasy themed strategy game for your browser. Set in a vibrant world that is threatened by the forces of darkness, you’re taking command over one of the last few bastions of light. Explore the world, expand your military force and make sure that you castle walls are thick and guarded or the hordes of darkness will snuff out your bastion in no time.

Raise a powerful economy

Within the relative safety of your castle and city walls, you are the lord of a small kingdom. Your citizens, peasants and army men stand by your side but with the looming darkness on the horizon its up to you to lead your people into brighter times. A dangerous endeavor that requires all the resources you can muster. Thankfully you have everything you need within your capitol. By upgrading production structures like farms and mines, you have a reliable way to increase your income, which will eventually allow you to build barracks, conduct much needed research for upgrades and eventually recruit units that will fight on your behalf

Team, Heroes, and more

You can give certain heroes to your units to bolster your army. These incredibly rare creatures serve as a sort of commanding commander inside your ranks, giving your army roster and formation important advantages. Keeping these heroes in your ranks and equipping them with better weapons will greatly increase your army's overall effectiveness. Working with your buddies is a different technique to do it. In the universe of Dark Genesis, forge strong partnerships to overcome challenges you wouldn't be able to overcome on your own and cooperate for a common objective